About Me

I was introduced to Homeopathy in 1983 by my sister-in-law and found such an immediate improvement, together with an increase in energy and well-being that I have never looked back. This started my interest and love for this incredible system of treatment. I enrolled in an introductory course on Homeopathy with my homeopath and a year later started studying Homeopathy professionally, full time for the next four years, and then post-graduate training for a further two years. I have now been practising Homeopathy for 27 years and continue to deepen my knowledge of human health, the disease processes and the link between the two.

I have used Homeopathy with great benefit on myself and my family over many years. This practical experience with continued testing of remedies, supplements, and herbal tinctures, has proven to be of great value to my patients. I will only recommend fellow professionals from my personal experience.

I have taught Homeopathy adult education courses, and Homeopathy to Doctors in Czechoslovakia, marked final dissertations for the Homeopathic College, undertaken site visits for the Society of Homeopaths for Registration, and kept up to date with Seminars, journals, computer software, and all matters pertaining to health.

I have always held the view that the body will never do an illness or pain for no reason, so it is fundamental to understand where the imbalance in the body is, in order treat the symptoms. Modern medicine may do many wonderful things, especially with regards to surgery etc, but when you continuously look down a microscope to look for an answer for someone's illness, it is all too easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. Understanding WHY the body is showing these symptoms and then treating this underlying cause is fundamental to bringing about the return of balanced health.

After all, the body and mind are one, so taking a 'whole' view of a person is in my view, the best way to treat illness and is why Homeopathy is such a deeply satisfying and wonderful system of medicine.

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