This is an positional re-alignment system based on Spontaneous release. It is a gentle method where the body is put into the posture it has adopted, which allows the muscles to relax and gradually go back into the natural balanced position.

During treatment, pain melts away from painful areas, heat or increased circulation will be noticed, as well as increased freedom of mobility. Massage will be used to check all pain has cleared, and in some cases, Chinese cups.


TreatmentArthur Pauls was a judo teacher and osteopath who noticed normal osteopathic treatment did not seem to last for normal injuries associated with Judo and other sports/activities. He was driven to search for a more enduring way of treating these injuries. While on an Osteopathic training course, he was shown a new way of treating the body called Spontaneous Release through Positioning. This was based on the work by the American Osteopath Lawrence Jones D.O. (printed in The Journal of Osteopathy 1964). His experience of correcting osteopathic lesions (abnormal placement of bones within a joint) by placing patients in positions of comfort, rather than performing a manipulation, is set down in this article. This position of comfort, Dr. Jones has discovered, was an exaggeration of the ‘abnormal bony placement’ and could be released by moving with the body, not against it. By letting the body find its own balance without force, inherent re-education was possible.



Following this epiphany, Arthur Pauls combined his Judo experience, his osteopathic training, knowledge of Homeopathy, and this simple Spontaneous Release by Positioning into a system known as “Ortho-Bionomy.” During this time, understanding about the emotional and energetic implications of structural imbalance came to light. Ortho-Bionomy is translated as meaning “correct application of the laws of life” and helps individuals to recognise stuck patterns within the structure and with this knowledge, allow access to altering the restriction.


Arthur Pauls taught courses in this technique and Maureen Arnold, a Homeopath and Yoga teacher of 30 years experience, studied with him and started to practise Ortho-Bionomy. Over the next ten years and 6,000 patients, she simplified the method and called it Bio-Mobility. This method has been tried and tested over many years, and is considered to be one of the most Holistic and natural methods for treating structural pain in the body.


Causes of Posture Distortion

Sudden or continual pushing the body beyond the ‘elastic limits’ causes cellular and intracellular changes within the tissue which cause distortion in function and tone of muscles and organs. Causes of strain could be accidents, falls, blows, over-lifting, emotional trauma and surgical interventions. Treatment will usually take around two hours, as this is a very deep treatment with long lasting effects.


What does a Bio-Mobility treatment involve?

Bio-MobilityThe treatment takes place in a comfortable, warm, relaxed environment. Notes are taken about the problems needing treatment and I will work where needed, using massage to make sure the pain has been cleared. I carefully check the patient before they leave to make sure they can move freely. It can take time to release pain but the patient will be kept informed, in case they wish to return at another time to continue the treatment.

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