Emotional Freedom Technique

This is a modern meridian therapy of Energy Psychology that has developed in the past two decades. However the historical origins have thousands of years of developments behind them. This starts with Acupuncture and Shiatsu from China and Japan. It is from the fusion of eastern and western ideas that ‘modern’ energy psychology techniques sprang.


In the mid 1960’s Dr. George Goodhart developed a diagnostic therapy based on muscle testing from the links between apparent muscle strength and the body’s organs and meridians. This work continued drawing on studies by Kendall & Kendall on muscle testing, Chapman & Owens work on neuro-vascular reflexes, and research by Mann on acupuncture meridians. This grew into the science of Applied Kinesiology. John Thie a colleague of Goodhart published Touch for Health in 1974 which first brought this combination of ideas to the general public. Also in the mid 1970’s the psychiatrist John Diamond, applied his study of Kinesiology to his work in psychotherapy naming this new field, Behavioural Kinesiology.

Thought Field Therapy

Dr. Roger Callahan who had studied with John Diamond was also investigating acupuncture meridian points. In the 1980’s he used this technique on a patient called Mary who had been having treatment for a water phobia for years. Tapping below her eye while focusing on her fear of water completely and rapidly removed that phobia never returned. Callahan spent the next ten years developing his therapy that he named Thought Field Therapy. A number of therapists who studied with Callahan went on to develop further talk-and-touch techniques from Callahan’s ideas. EFT is one of them.

Emotional Freedom Technique

DoveSome of the techniques developed remain proprietary therapies subject to copyright restrictions and many other require extensive training before they can be effectively used. However, one technique stands out as simple, accessible and freely available to all. That is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which was developed by Gary Craig who trained with Callahan. He streamlined and simplified the TFT process into a single algorithm and emphasis the use of language and linguistic and reframing patterns characteristic of solution framed therapies and NLP.

Tapping on acupuncture points while focusing on particular emotional situations, connecting to where they are felt in the body, has proven to be very beneficial, and may be added to any treatment.


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