Treatment Prices

In the prices below remedies are not included. Short free advice is given relating to your questions on your treatment but telephone calls will be charged if relating to different situations, for example, help and advice relating to a sudden accident needing treatment.


Homeopathic Consultation - initial adult appointment £80
Homeopathic Consultation - initial child appointment £55
Homeopathic Consultation - follow up appointments £45
Bio-Mobility Treatment £50 per hour
Hopi Ear Candles from £40
Quantum Healing £40 per hour


Neti Pots with Himalayan Crystal Salt are available with demonstrations of their use in sinus/nasal obstruction/snoring problems.

Helios Homeopathic creams are available.

Cytoplan Food State supplements are available.

Herbal tinctures are available.


For free initial advice on whether I can help you, email

Appointments can be booked on +44 (0)1444 401930