Quantum Healing

Quantum Healing has replaced Divine Healing Master Key. More information will follow soon. Below is information on the Divine Healing Master Key which is very similar.

Divine Healing Master Key is for anyone who would like to have healing to clear, balance, and re-align, In a warm, comfortable environment, energetic blocks are explored that stop you moving forward in your Life.

Divine Healing Master Key
  • Healing of your family matrix
  • Hidden ego agendas, conflicts and sabotages
  • Physical, emotional and mental imbalances
  • Specific fear programming
  • Genetic and ancestral inheritance patterns
  • Unresolved issues from past life imprints
  • Blocked energy in the subtle bodies
  • Regeneration & rejuvenation of your cells
  • Harmonisation 7 alignment of your bodies & chakras
  • Stabilising of water, hydration & dehydration
  • Balancing of nutrition and biochemistry

It is safe, effortless, non-invasive and quick and really enables the clearance of a variety of issues; the changes happen instantaneously, with the shift being felt. Help is asked for and kinesiology is used in checking results.

For free initial advice on whether I can help you, email margot@thehydegranary.com

Appointments can be booked on +44 (0)1444 401930